Quick Meal Prep- Meat

I have a problem. I am have obsession with marinated meat: all forms.

From chicken breasts to tenderloin, I love it all.

Any grilled meat that soaked overnight in Italian dressing causes me to swoon.

My obsession is inherited from my father.

And my dad does his own grocery shopping in regards to his marinating regime.

To this day, my mother groans when my dad announces that he is going grocery shopping.

Dad’s Shopping Trip:

1 Gallon of soy sauce

12 bottles of Italian dressing

12 bottles of BBQ sauce

1/2 Gallon of Miracle Whip (gross)

1 Gallon of bread and butter pickles

1 Gallon of dill pickles

and more navel oranges than a family of nine can eat.

We don’t know why he bought large quantities of pickles and Miracle Whip(again, gross).

Perhaps he bought navel oranges because he thought that we would get scurvy from eating only pickles and sandwich spread, but I do know why he buys salad dressing and soy sauce.

He is the Marinating King! I digress….

Art work by drywell art @ etsy

I try to be cost-effective when I grocery shop, especially when I buy meat.

Buying it in large packages when it’s on sale  and then freezing it is great.

My dilemma is that I get home from work at 6:30 with a freezer full of meat but no real plan of action, just a hungry stomach.

Because of this, I have come up with a game plan. Buy meat in bulk, place meal sized portions in freezer bags, add Miracle Whip marinade or seasonings to the bag, label it, and then freeze. The beauty of this plan is that I transfer the meat from the freezer to the frig before I leave for work in the morning. Viola! By 6:30 I have a thawed, seasoned meat ready to be made into something yummy.

Here are a few of the marinade or seasoning combinations I use with the meat before I freeze it:

Oriental Meals(chicken or beef): sesame oil, soy sauce, brown sugar(or honey), fresh or powdered garlic, salt and pepper

Mexican Meals(chicken): canola oil, hot sauce or salsa, lime juice, garlic, cumin, salt and pepper

Italian Meals (chicken): dried Herbs de Provence or dried Oregano and Basil, olive oil, garlic, white or red wine vinegar

Oven fried chicken: milk and lemon juice (or buttermilk), lots of cracked pepper and Lawry’s seasoning salt

Next time you see a packge of 12 fresh chicken breasts for a steal, buy them! And use my method. You will love it! Promise.

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7 thoughts on “Quick Meal Prep- Meat

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    • I don’t know. No one else eats it but him. And it’s not like he eats sandwiches. I think it’s “comfort food” that he does not actually eat.:)

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