Dating sites benefits


    It sounds simple, but we discover that even choosing the dating site that suits your desires is not obvious, in short, one is not worth the other. Let’s try to clarify and see what are the main characteristics of dating sites like, to conclude with a selection of portals suitable for different audiences.

    1. Reference users

    Not all dating sites are built equal, so there are some for one-night stands and others for serious, committed relationships. However, the communication of the different portals is not always clear in this regard: the aim is to attract subscribers, both those who meet the profile of the typical user, and those who may be looking for something different but in the meantime register, not knowing what they will find. For the skilled eye, however, it will be easy to understand in a very short time if you’ve come to the right site.

    Types of relationships

    In many cases, it is possible to understand what types of relationships a dating site like is promoting before you even sign up. Some portals, for example, highlight certain features as pull factors for new users, such as chat or an affinity “game” based on photos uploaded by users (according to the now classic Tinder formula, which is to put the users in contact (click on “Like” on the photos of each). These are the typical site tools for random, impromptu and casual dating: the criteria for choosing who to chat with is physical appearance first, and any personality information contained in a user’s profile is taken into consideration that later (or never!).

    On the contrary, the services which are aimed at users of a “matching” or affinity system aim to offer each user a range of interesting contacts. The suggestions are guaranteed on a more or less sophisticated system, based in many cases on the compilation of a psychological test or questionnaire and on the personal preferences of each one. On these sites it is possible to quickly understand if you have points in common with someone, thanks to the scores or affinity percentages. On these types of sites there are usually no chats in favor of emailing and in some cases even viewing a user’s photos is subject to mutual authorization. As is evident, these are the dating sites meant to help people find a partner or a partner for a relationship, if only a friendship, deep and lasting one.


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