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Do you want a happy love story? Start with these 5 things


A happy couple relationship is the result of commitment, respect and understanding. But also freedom. Here are 5 secrets to being a happy couple.

How to be a happy couple?

“And they lived happily ever after”: yes, we know that now, that only happens in fairy tales. In real life, the two words “happy couple” are in fact a very complicated puzzle to construct, so much so that one often comes to think that nothing like this can exist. Even those who at one point looked like a “happy couple” to everyone cannot feel secure: life is a vortex of change, often beyond our control, and any change can turn into a crisis.

So how do you cope with changes, overcome crises to be a happy couple without the illusion of living a fairy tale and then find yourself in a reality light years away from the happy ending?

Here are five little things (but not really that small) to start with to really make that “happy forever”. More or less.

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Many couples in monsitedetchat, often due to insecurity and fears, do not allow themselves to freely experiment with hobbies, passions and alternatives to current life, but being in a relationship should make you feel stronger, determined and able to face even the moments. More difficult. Knowing that those who love you are by your side and believe in you in addition to constituting an immense reserve of energy, allows you to reach a relationship with a rare balance, based on the esteem and the capacity to accompany the other with care and open-mindedness that you both deserve.

Express your needs sincerely

Learn to express your needs with clarity and simplicity: waiting for the other to understand them is bad for the couple, but also for our well-being. Often times we tend to put the needs of others first, but it’s not true that just any choice can be right: after all, part of us knows what we would like. To avoid the effect of the pressure cooker and burst suddenly when the pressure is too strong, use sincere communication that allows you to speak your truths. The secret? Kindness: It’s not what you say, but the way you say it that can make a difference.

Take advantage of the quarrel for constructive growth

book your profile quickly and immediately ? There is no such thing as perfection, but all too often we fall into the ‘I told you so’ or, even worse, ‘I would have done better’ trap. Let go of the tendency to blame: we’re used to it, because we criticize ourselves first and we do it so often that we don’t even notice it. However, feeling continually being judged over the long haul becomes exhausting and destructive, both for you and your partner. Break the habit.

Next time in a fight, it will be very tempting to go back to the old patterns: stop and quit. Take a walk or something you like, or walk away and tell a friend or write down what you’re about to say, then come back. When you give your side of events, you will be more lucid and less bitter. It can be difficult at first, but it’s all about learning to stop.

Due to the deep intimacy, we often end up using the other as a way to vent our anxieties, anger and our frustrations: this exacerbates quarrels and often leads to saying words that we regret, but which are difficult. to go back. Remember that often when we receive criticism from a loved one, the feeling of annoyance is stinging because it has hit the mark. Only wise people can self-criticize their actions and apologize for their mistakes by making a mistake the opportunity to improve.

Reclaim time and space

Each of us needs to find ourselves, our own space and the isolation necessary to feel “one” again. Forget selfishness and jealousy: invite the other to make contact with what inspires him and you find the time to devote yourself to the passions that excite you. Having a space dedicated to yourself is essential to release tension, think, enjoy at your own pace: you will come back to your partner with many stories to tell, more awareness and ideas, ideas to do together.


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